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Apologies if you are having issues with the website as it creaks and groans its way through your browsing.

We are working on a new website which should be smoother, shinier, more user friendly and have more functionality.

Not exactly sure when it is ready to release but it is getting high attention. So please bear with us while we work on the new site and try to keep this one working as much as possible.

Many thanks and best regards
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Welcome to Susan Willow


We are very pleased to welcome you to Susan Willow, Fabrics & Haberdashery.  

We have a lovely range of Fabrics - Cotton or Cotton/Elastan Jersey Knits, Woven Cottons, Polyester/Viscose Tartans etc. - and a range of Haberdashery - Rib Knits, Needles, Pins, Snap fasteners, Elastics, Webbing, etc.

The most popular items are the Rib Knit Tube Fabrics with various size options and a wide choice of colours. Definitely worth a look is our selection of Tartan Fabrics, with colours to suit possibly every occasion.

We ship worldwide from our base in the UK and have covered a very large number of countries globally. We have shipped a wide variety of products ranging from a pair of needles to several hundred metres of fabric. 

If you are looking for something that you cannot see here then please ask as we may actually have it in stock or be able to source it for you.

Always happy to hear your views and comments, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Susan and the Susan Willow team.

Smooth running

Thank you for visiting We monitor the site to make sure it is running smoothly for you but occasionally something gets sticky or broken. 
If you are having any technical issue with the site we would really appreciate if you could contact us and let us know.
Thank you,
Susan and the susanwillow team.